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Practical accessories


Extend the shelf life of your food quickly and easily with our vacuum lid.

The freshness lid made of high-quality plastic
have a patented silicone vacuum valve, so that the contents are hermetically sealed and protected from moisture and germs


Heavy pans or pots can sometimes
can only be lifted with difficulty with one arm.

In that case you can simply use a silicone grip
attach to the opposite side of the long handle
or use both silicone grips,
this is how you move heavy pots or pans
comfortably with 2 hands.

Also ideal for pouring when placed at an angle
glass lid.

The heat-resistant silicone handles are simply pushed onto the pouring rim.

Magnetic coaster

Our practical, magnetic coasters protect valuable kitchen surfaces from scratches and bumps.

The silicone coaster ensures that all pans and pots stand firmly and securely. Thanks to several integrated magnets, it sticks to the bottom of the cookware.

At the same time, it protects the non-stick coating from scratches when storing stacked pans.

Steam use

A steamer insert allows you to cook particularly gently, as the food only comes into contact with steam and not with water.

Potatoes, vegetables, meat or fish retain their own taste, shape and color.

Vitamins and trace elements are not washed out and therefore ensure a healthier result, as is known from classic steam cooking.