Harness suitable for boats -

Limit the chaos on board!

Who does not know it? There is often a lack of space on the boat and stowing away bulky dishes can quickly become a thrill. But don't worry - with our compact kitchenware with detachable handles, the mess on board is kept to a minimum! Practical, space-saving and perfect for all boat owners who want to enjoy their next trip on the water carefree. Cast off and discover our range!

Maximum mini

nesto is a first-class range of cookware that, thanks to its intelligent design, requires much less storage space than conventional cookware. The comprehensive series is suitable for all types of cookers. nesto brings order to your kitchen!

Assemble your own set


Put together your personal pot and pan set individually for your requirements.

All nesto products can also be ordered individually. On the following pages we have put together a few common sets.

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