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Despite multiple advertising promises from different suppliers - there is no non-stick coating that lasts a lifetime! Even if a pan is treated with care, it can eventually get scratches and the non-stick effect decreases. This can be after 3 or only after 10 or more years, depending on the stress.

For cookvision nesto pans we use a very high-quality, 3-layer PTFE coating from a leading manufacturer with excellent non-stick properties.

It is estimated that 50-60 million pans end up in the trash every year in Europe alone. And that's only because the coating no longer works properly. This is a huge waste of raw materials and energy.

This is the option at cookvision:

We take back nesto pans that are no longer working properly at any time and promptly deliver a new pan at a significantly reduced special price!

The returned pan is sandblasted, sanded and polished and completely recoated, that's what we mean by sustainability.