Stainless Steel Pot

Ø 24 cm / 5.1 L

€ 59,90

inkl. MwSt.

plus shipping and handling

  • Suitable for all types of stoves = induction, gas, electric, ceramic
  • all pots and lids can be stacked inside or on top of each other, even if they are the same size
  • extra strong thermal sandwich base for optimal heat conduction and storage
  • Wide pouring rim for accurate pouring
  • all pots with liters - inside scaling
  • oven-safe (without handle)
  • shapely for serving on the table
  • dishwasher safe


Item number: 6012400
inner diameter: diameter 24 cm
pot height: 14 cm
filling volume: 5.1 liters
bottom diameter: diameter 18.5 cm
pot weight: 1,150g
Material pot body: Chrome-nickel stainless steel 18/10
Material floor: Aluminum + magnetic stainless steel plate
Surfaces: satin finish