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nesto Vitesse steamer lid

Ø 24 cm, black


Item number: 6142411
Inner diameter: Ø 24 cm
Lid weight 700g
Material: Glass with silicone edge
Silicone color: black

nesto -VITESSE cooks up to 50% faster...
The reason for this is the patented airtight seal
Lid that sets the temperature in the pot to 100 degrees
Celsius increases and this significantly slows down the cooking process

-VITESSE cooks healthier...
When gently steaming in a closed system,
for which less liquid is used, vitamins remain,
Minerals and the taste of the food

-VITESSE is fun…
With the nesto

-VITESSE is something everyone can start cooking straight away
Handling is extremely simple and self-explanatory. The
Glass lid that can be opened at any time enables “visual cooking”
and spontaneous seasoning, refilling and tasting like
used. The patented locking mechanism for opening
and closing with one hand makes cooking a breeze
relaxed pleasure.
In addition to the energy savings that result from the shorter
Cooking time results in heating energy being saved as well
Significantly less liquid can be cooked than with conventional cooking pots.