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Glass Lid

Ø 18 cm, black

  • Targeted lateral steam outlet - ideal for downdraft fans
  • shatterproof glass
  • non-slip and tight-fitting for energy-saving cooking
  • all lids are non-slip stackable
  • Lids are not suitable for the oven (max. 100°)
  • dishwasher safe


Item number: 6131810
inner diameter: diameter 18 cm
lid weight 360g
Material : Glass with silicone rim
silicone color: black

Lid with steam outlet

nesto lids have a side steam outlet and thus direct the escaping steam perfectly into downdraft fans and downdraft extractors.

Cooking odors and vapors as well as fats are continuously removed and the cooking area stays clean!


The handles of our lids can be folded up and can fit in any kitchen.